A Well-Marked Path Means a Happy Visitor

Walking. It is my preferred exercise. Outside. Fresh air. Alone or with others, either way. And then there is hiking. In the mountains, or around a lake. My husband and I went hiking last week. It was my kind of hike. But hiking is very difficult without a well-marked path.

It was a wide path with beautiful sights along the way. We saw many others taking advantage of a beautiful spring day in Tennessee. Some hiked in groups of four or five and some hiked alone. We even saw a few runners.

If we had taken a survey and asked anyone along the way, “Do you think this was a well-marked hike?” I believe 100 percent would have said yes. It was a very well-marked path. For me, in hiking, well-marked paths are a must.

There are, I’m sure, many more adventurous than I, who would prefer to make their own path. Go off trail. Maybe even get lost. Where this might be okay for some hikers, this should never be okay in your hospitals.

One hundred percent of your patients, visitors and employees, should be able to say, “This was a well-marked path.” Can they, like I do before hiking, find out where to go before even leaving home? Are there marked stops along the path that improve their experience? Or do your visitors get lost? Do they wander off the pathway to places they should not be? Do they feel frustrated and overwhelmed? It seems to be too often that hospitals do not have very well-marked paths throughout their hallways.

There are many solutions to your problems, though! You can improve their hospital experience by giving them different tools to find their way. Helping your visitors to easily find their way results in a happy visitor at the end of the day. Call Med Maps today at 865-694-5505 for our professional assistance in creating a well-marked path!