A map on your hospital's website can greatly benefit your visitors.

As human beings, we typically like to know what lies ahead of us. Whether it’s an upcoming vacation or running errands over the weekend, it’s nice to have a plan. It takes a load off our minds and eliminates some (but not all) potential difficulties.

Most of us won’t blindly bite into a sandwich unless we know what’s in it, right? If you’re buying a car, you’re not just going to jump at the first one you see. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to show up at a hospital without a plan. Where am I going to park? Where’s the elevator? How can I get to the radiology department? What do I have to do to get a cup of coffee around here!? There’s an answer to this – and it’s hospital wayfinding technology. With Med Maps, you get simple, easy-to-understand wayfinding. Here are three reasons why somebody will want an easy-to-access map on your hospital’s website.


1. A Map Will Take the Scary Effect Out of Hospital Wayfinding

Hospitals should not be scary. The truth is, sometimes that’s exactly the case. Maybe a loved one was in an accident and you’re just trying to find them – a seemingly harmless array of hallways and doors can become a living nightmare under certain conditions. A hospital visitor should be able to easily find their way to their destination easily instead of spending the time asking around or hunting down signage. With Med Maps, our visitors can pull up a custom-tailored wayfinding map from the comfort of their own homes before ever having to set foot in a hospital.


2. A Map on Your Hospital’s Website Builds Credibility

Hospitals typically pour tons of money into their websites. It might have all of the forms and phone numbers you’ll ever need, but what about detailed navigation resources? You’d be surprised at the amount of traffic a hospital website receives from people looking for this particular service – they know they’re going to the hospital and they just want to know how to get to the right room. This is a HUGE benefit that many hospitals are neglecting to offer. Simple and accurate wayfinding goes a long way towards establishing a good impression and most importantly, credibility. That’s top-shelf customer service you could be offering your visitors.


3. A Hospital Map Will Greatly Improve the Customer Experience

A hospital website serves many purposes; the end product, arguably, is to leave its visitors satisfied with their browsing experience. With proper hospital navigation services in an easily accessible part of the site, people will feel comfortable about visiting a hospital before they even get there. A positive visiting experience will encourage people to come back. Helpful information in an easy-to-use format almost always equates to a favorable experience that will strengthen the relationship between you and your visitors.


A Map on Your Hospital’s Website is an Investment

Our goal at Med Maps is to help you accomplish all of these things and more. This service drastically cuts down on navigation time and greatly increases the overall experience of visiting a hospital. If you’d like to discuss the various wayfinding strategies you could add to your hospital’s website, we’d love to talk to you. Give us a call today at (865) 694-5505!

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