A Modern Approach to Hospital Wayfinding

With MedMaps, hospital wayfinding has never been easier. Gone are the days of endlessly wandering the halls, hoping to find something that will point you in the right direction. It’s time to take control with the tools of the digital age.

Hospital Wayfinding

Hospital Wayfinding with Interactive Maps

Not too long ago, we were only printing maps for hospitals and campuses. We decided it was time to bring intelligent map software into the game to improve the navigation experience. What we had in mind was an intuitive map that would provide an individual with a direct path to their destination. The software development began back in 2010. What began as relatively basic software evolved into an interactive map for computers and mobile devices that were capable of creating internal directions for the user. If you were to walk into the hospital and tell MedMaps you were trying to reach the radiology department, it would generate a direct path once you’ve entered your location.

Our mission is to take the frustration and anxiety out of navigating a hospital campus. With our innovative technology, you can now visit the hospital’s website and retrieve an interactive map that provides an aerial view. It will tell you where you can park, which building entrance to take and how to get to your location before you even set foot on the campus. Once you’re inside the hospital, you can scan a QR code with your mobile device (or visit the hospital’s website). From there, you can pull up a map on your phone or tablet. How easy is that?

We’re happy to admit that our clientele has steadily been growing. Whenever a new hospital wishes to join the MedMaps program, we can generate the digital maps and improve the wayfinding experience of their visitors in no time at all.

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