September 11, 2017
Photo of hikers walking on a well-marked path

A Well-Marked Path Means a Happy Visitor

Walking. It is my preferred exercise. Outside. Fresh air. Alone or with others, either way. And then there is hiking. In the mountains, or around a […]
June 27, 2017

3 Reasons You’ll Want a Map on Your Hospital’s Website

As human beings, we typically like to know what lies ahead of us. Whether it’s an upcoming vacation or running errands over the weekend, it’s nice […]
April 18, 2017

A Modern Approach to Hospital Wayfinding

With MedMaps, hospital wayfinding has never been easier. Gone are the days of endlessly wandering the halls, hoping to find something that will point you in the right […]
February 13, 2017
Hospital wayfinding - Med Maps

Hospital Wayfinding Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Hospital wayfinding can be a tricky ordeal. The hallways branch out in every direction and the entrances and doors aren’t always marked. There are multiple floors […]
February 7, 2017

Med Maps – An Introduction

Let’s face it – new places are tricky to navigate. When you’re visiting a college campus or walking into a hospital, it can be a bit […]